Jordan 's second largest tributary of foreign volunteers to "Daesh", after Tunisia.

Confirmed a recent US Congress report, that there are about 4 thousand Jordanian joined for "Daesh" in Iraq and Syria since 2011, even today, to become Jordan 's second largest tributary of foreign volunteers to "Daesh", after Tunisia.

A report of the Department of the Congressional Research on Jordan, issued last February, that recruitment for "Daesh" is no longer limited to the city of Ma'an , located south of the Kingdom alone but extended to include northern cities such as Irbid and Salt.

The report, according to the Jordanian - Ghad newspaper reported, that the kingdom suffer long - term problems , including poverty, corruption and slow economic growth and high levels of unemployment and the migration of thousands in search of job opportunities, "as the population in a state of resentment and large - scale of the economic situation."

The report examines the economic factors as one of the most important reasons for the enrollment of Jordanians organized "Daesh" in Iraq and Syria. Jordan also illustrates the contribution of the "inherent solution" operation against "Daesh" in Syria and Iraq, through the implementation of periodic air strikes, and allowing foreign troops to use its bases, and the sharing of intelligence information with coalition partners.

The report of the Congress, "professional military and security services in Jordan, along with policies of its leaders, Jordan has made an important partner of the United States, on regional issues, and helped maintain broad support from Congress to help."

The United States recognizes the growing urgent needs of Jordan caused by regional unrest, and Jordan 's efforts in the forefront of the struggle against the "Daesh" and other extremist ideology and terrorism, and the flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq, and the disruption of foreign energy supplies.

Jordan is , according to the report is one of the major shareholders in the alliance that the US - led confrontation "Daesh", making it a target for the organization itself that this is not the only reason but also because of the Kingdom 's relations with the West, and "Israel" under the 1994 peace treaty as Trump 's proposal to transfer management of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could provoke social protest, at a time when the government is facing domestic criticism already because of security shocks and alleged corruption and mismanagement of the economy.

The report confirms that last year, has seen an increase in terrorist attacks against Jordan, while the Syrian refugees still putting pressure on the Jordanian economy and the social fabric, as well as Jordan faces with the beginning of this year , a group of regional threats that could undermine internal stability.
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