A second visit to Libya to deal with the case of Tunisian children in Libyan prisons (Jhinaoui)

Tunis, May 12, 2017 (TAP) - Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui announced a second visit to Libya to discuss the case of Tunisian children held in Libyan prisons, after consultations with the authorities Libyan.

"A Tunisian delegation had visited Libya for the first time but had not found any common ground with the Libyan side and we will continue our efforts to achieve our objectives," he told the agency TAP on Friday afternoon at the end of an interview with Fayez Sarraj, head of Libya's National Unity Government, and his Libyan counterpart Mohamed Taher Sayala.

Jhinaoui said he discussed with Fayez Sarraj the Tunisian-Libyan files on Libyan debts to Tunisian clinics, measures to simplify the flow of goods and people through border terminals and Tunisian children detained in Tunisia. The Libyan prisons.

"We have agreed to take some practical steps to make progress on these issues," he said without further details.

A delegation of six Tunisian ministries was due to travel to Libya in early March to repatriate Tunisian children detained in Maitigua prison in Tripoli and another group of alleged children in the Musrata hospital after agreement with the chief Of the Libyan government of national agreement, it is recalled.

But the sending of the delegation had been postponed pending completion of the necessary procedures for the organization of the visit and the conditions for the success of the mission.

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