Preventing Violent Extremism: Effective Narratives and Messaging MENA Regional From 4-5 May 2017 - Tunisia

RATTA Been invited by the Club of Madrid (CdM) to the MENA Regional Forum, within the project Preventing Violent Extremism: Leaders telling a Different Story, in Tunis, Tunisia, on the 4th and 5th May, 2017.

PVE: Leaders Telling a Different Story is supported by the European Commission DEVCO. The objective of this 12 month project is to improve national and regional responses to violent extremism threats by creating more effective counter-narratives that can successfully serve to challenges violent extremist messaging and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable groups. The recommendations will be based on evidence-based analysis of focus groups in 3 countries that are particularly exposed to this violence: Nigeria, Tunisia and Lebanon.

The MENA Regional Forum (May 4-5) seeks to serve as a unique opportunity to bring together CdM Members with key regional and national interlocutors, to discuss how to reframe the narrative debate through the development of evidence-based recommendations on effective communication strategies, messaging and counter narratives. This meeting will gather up to 50 high-powered participants from multilateral regional organizations, governments and civil society form the region in an effort to share experiences and best practices and strengthen networks and practices in this front.

With Mr. Peter Roman : Prime Minister of Romania (1989- 1991)

With Mr. Sadig AL MAHDI: Prime Minister Sudan ( 1966-1967; 1986 -1989)

With Mr. Hamadi DJBELI : Prime Minister TUNISIA ( 2011 - 2013 )

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